Care Tipps


Suits / Trousers

Dust destroys fibre! Only brushing, brushing and again brushing helps. Natural brushes are the best – synthetic brushes only ruin the fibre. Avoid: sticky tape! Always brush in the same direction.



Shirt care is easier than you think! Light coloured cotton shirts are washed in up to 40 °using the easy-care program, swing shortly, and, still in damp condition – off to be ironed – a piece of cake! Wash wool and silk shirts in cold or lukewarm water either by hand or using the washing machine’s wool washing program. Then, rinse thoroughly until water is clear (very important). Put shirts in a towel and lay down flat to dry. Always iron collars from the corners inwards – that way wrinkles are avoided.



A multiple week “beauty sleep” lets ties live longer! Only iron ties with a protective cloth and do not flatly iron edges. Iron crimp ties with steam.



Shoe cleaning: a relaxing, sensual activity! The golden rule: wear shoes one day, rest them two days. After using shoes, put wooden shoe trees in the still warm shoes. Each leather type has to be treated individually – your shoe shop will be able to find the necessary means for treatment.